Industrial manufacturing is done worldwide in various industries. Major classification systems for classification in the various sectors are the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) of the United Nations and the Nomenclature générale des (NACE) of the EU Activités économiques. Major industries include iron and steel industry / heavy industry, metal industry (including iron and steel industry, hardware industry, mechanical engineering and equipment, automotive / automotive, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, electrical industry, office equipment, radios and televisions, as well as precision engineering, optics, watches industry) , chemical industry (including oil industry, cement industry, glass industry, plastics industry, paper industry and pharmaceutical industry), recycling and waste industry, wood and cork articles, consumer products / light industrial (including food industry, tobacco industry, textile industry, clothing industry incl. fur and leather products, furniture industry, toy industry , printing industry and computer industry).


Produce and control with best sake and highest Attention Given to keep your Products and your customers in the future satisfaction.

Industries We Serve
  • Major industries,

  • Iron and steel industry,

  • Heavy Industry,

  • Hardware industry,

  • Automotive / automotive,

  • Aerospace industry,

  • Electrical industry, 

  • Shipbuilding industry,

  • Precision engineering, 

  • Chemical industry 

  • Glass industry,

  • Paper industry

  • Plastics industry,

  • Pharmaceutical industry,

  • Recycling and waste industry,

  • Wood and cork articles,

  • Consumer products /

  • Light industrial (including

  • Food industry,

  • Tobacco industry,

  • Textile industry,

  • Clothing industry ,

  • Toy industry,

  • printing industry 

  • computer industry).

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Furniture industry

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